Welcome to Madigan Freight Services

Choosing a freight forwarding company requires as much care as deciding who supplies your products and materials.  Time, money and stress levels are at stake - yours.  That's why our service goes further to ensure your goods move smoothly and rapidly from A to B.

At Madigan Freight we provide a world class service with a personalised touch that mainstream freight companies can't deliver.  We have the expertise to handle the most demanding jobs and believe building and maintaining long term relationships is key to success.  We see our clients as people - not just customer numbers.

Our years of experience are on your side.  From our office in Auckland, we're with your shipment all the way.  When obstacles threaten to slow things down, our industry knowledge and initiative come to the fore.  We work with a carefully selected group of providers, so that we always have a variety of options at our fingertips.  Working from a platform of honesty, integrity and professionalism, our team is on the job 24x7x365.  It's an equation that adds up to peace of mind for you.

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